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Patriarchal Social Systems and Their Impact on Rape Culture

October 30, 2018 0

Abstract This paper examines how patriarchal social systems impact rape and rape culture from a feminist perspective.  It explores how the Feminist Movement has combated patriarchal sexual violence-perpetuating ideals in its fight against: gender socialization, rape culture, victim-blaming, rape laws, and awareness. Feminist author Amy Silvestro reports in her essay “Rape Law Reform” (2012) that:…

By Angel

Abortion: It is More Than Just a Single Moment

August 23, 2018 0

 Introduction Abortion has been a highly controversial topic in American politics throughout U.S. history. Regulation and restriction of abortion in the U.S. has taken a winding course since the 1800’s. According to the Chicago Tribute (2018), in “1821 America’s first statutory abortion regulation [was] enacted in Connecticut”, but by “1967 Abortion [was] classified a felony…

By Angel

Conversion Therapy Impacts on LGB Youth

July 18, 2018 0

  A majority of the evidence on the impacts of conversion therapy on LGB youth are anecdotal recounts from individuals who have gone through the therapy; furthermore, the lack of studies muddies the water and makes it difficult to determine the impacts of conversion therapy. However, the correlation between the social/parental acceptance of LGB youth…

By Angel