Christmas Gift 2018

Christmas Gift 2018

December 17, 2018 0 By Efren

Alright, nobody wants to read a bunch of crap about this season or how to choose a thoughtful gift for that special person or whatever. we want fact, ideas, suggestions, and we want it now. So here it is.

Gift Cards: (lame, lazy? think again)

  • Watch service/repair store: a gift card with $20 buck for a service/repair/battery replacement. give this to a person who is into watches and it will be best gift ever !!
  • BirchBox (gift card/Subscription): for someone who is into traveling or camping/backpacking a few goodies like this is a fun/useful gift, not something else to put in a drawer. since almost everything is traveling size, is a perfect gift for a person who is into going places.
  • Art supplies: this is a


Let’s say you don’t know this person a lot (at least not yet), but you know the basics for sure, right?

  • Gym: a quick dry shirt, shorts. socks, etc. most people don’t think about replacing gym clothes until they REALLY need to.

Martial artist: If she/he is into any kind of martial art, there’s probably some stocking you can do, and still be in a budget, for example if they practice

  • Box, Kickboxing, Muay Thai: some hand wraps, shirts, gloves sanitizer, gloves hangers, mouth guards.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling: A book, finger tape, mouth guards, ear guards, rash guards, anti-slip socks, ankle support, knee protective pads, or you wanna go one step beyond? a GI.
  • Rock climbing: Chalk bag, chalk, carabiners, anchor webbing, belay device, gym towel.
  • Outdoor enthusiast :  Best gift ever? 2019 parks and rec. Annual Pass, if your person like to go on hikes, camping , kayaking, etc. An Annual pass will be most awesome thoughtful gift ever!  and the best part it can go from $20 to $40-ish, or if you want to be fancy and be the hero of the holidays get a National Park Pass for about $80.  Also, some goodies that will be appreciate it: chapstick , sunscreen, fire starter, bug repellent, tent/backpack water repellent spray.
  • Scuba diver: anti-fog solution, O-ring pack, O-ring kit, cleaning supplies.
  • Art Enthusiast: whatever this person is into, Painting, knitting, cross stitching, crotchet, sculpting, drawings, etc. that basic materials are always going to be consumed, pick a nice selection of colors or acrylic paint, watercolors, color pencils, etc. you can go with the basics (primary color) or go for non-common colors (Pastel colours for example). If they are into fountain pen for example, the basics are never wrong: blue, black, red, or some unusual inks, there are sparkly inks, scented inks, metallic, mate, etc. Believe me, even if they were not thinking about getting this, 5 min after they open the gift with this, they will have something in mind to use it.

Any of these combinations or stockings should take between $20 to $50 tops, depending on the quantity and the quality you want to get. So if you have someone you want to give a gift but have no idea what, something useful is always the way to go, over something cute that will sit in a drawer or in a piece of furniture collecting dust.

But Hey ! that just my opinion, you’re more than free to get a $200 tiny piece of glass at with a weird shape at the mall or whatever.

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