International Traveling: Money

September 27, 2018 0 By Efren

Here’s just a quick advice based on my experience traveling to a different country where my bank account is.

You can handle your money only by credit or debit cards of course, that’s always an option when you go to a touristic destination. where most of the retailers accept it, but what happens when you’re on a province, or a remote town?

One option is to get cash at one of those currency exchange stores, you pay with whatever currency you have , and if you get the conversion on the local one, easy peasy. no hassle.
Option two: use an ATM , no human interaction, you can do it by small amounts at the time, just pay a fee and you’re good to go.
Option Three: traveler card, where you can actually buy the local currency and put it into that account/card. cool !

I have tried all of these at some point, but several years ago I did something and I’ve stick to it until today:

Option four: Wire money to yourself 🙂
Alright , alright, let me explain why I found this so useful and convenient.

First, currency rate; whenever you use a currency exchange store or an ATM, the currency rate is lower that the actual value. so you’re loosing money with every transaction. when I discovered this I was getting almost 30% less money. when you use a wire transfer service, there’s a fee of course (4 or 5 dollars), but what you’re ending with is more than the money you’re getting using any other service.

Second, you can set up you’re account using your bank account (routing and account number); So, if something happens to your cards , debit or credit , you can just cancel them, and still be able to send money to yourself. which is pretty sweet, right ?


I’ve been doing this for years, and honestly I don’t think I will ever change the method to get money while traveling (unless I’m going to a place without this service.  but as you can guess this service is pretty much everywhere.

the one I use is   Western Union , but pretty much any of them should work.

Announce: I have no ties or relation with wester union, nor getting any kind of benefit mentioning them, so I need to mention this for legal purposes or whatever.


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