First Time Trying Scuba Diving

First Time Trying Scuba Diving

April 14, 2018 0 By TheCouple

From Her Prospective:

Being someone who  seeks adventure and new opportunities often, I am pretty open to trying just about anything at least once. However, living in rural Wisconsin meant I had never added “go scuba diving” to my to-do list. I knew scuba diving required training and skills, which meant hours of training. And besides, how often would I use it really…… Fast forward to 2018, Efren had surprised me with an Intro to Scuba Diving class for Valentines Day. I agreed to go, albeit with reluctance.  So I tried it on a very cold, very snowing day in the the back of a pet shop (true story) in a training pool. I know what you are thinking, sounds sketchy, we thought so to. But we made and it and here is what I learned.

Getting over the instinct not to breath is HARD

It took me several tries to sit in the shallow water and simply allow myself to calming to breath through all the tubing. As par the training, I simply stood up each time my lungs refused to take to a breath. Then I just sat down in the water and tried again. All your life you are taught not to breath under water, not to mention we all the a primitive reflex which helps us not do so. This was surprisingly hard to get over.

There is a big difference between practicing skills at 3 feet and the bottom

Removing your face mask, clearing your oxygen line of water, and recovering a lost respirator, is challenging yet a surmountable challenge at 3          feet of water; Attempting these same skills 10, 20, 30 feet under the water makes you stare death in the face. Okay, maybe not those depths, but            you get the point. Scuba diving can lead to death in the wrong situations, this is a scary fact that a person has to face when getting into the hobby.

It takes trying it to really know if you will like it

What I imagined it to be and how it was in reality were quite contrasting. I thought that I wouldn’t enjoy it much. I also thought that I would be drug through the course with mild fear having never having had any prior exposure. In reality, I truly enjoyed myself once I settled in and my body found a natural rhythm. Scuba diving is unlike any other experience. As humans we just cannot breath underwater. Sure there are similar option, but none of those options are quite like this.

I would highly recommend an introduction class

This was a fun experience (a first) that I got to share with Efren. It was a unique and exciting way to bond on top of the obvious introduction to scuba diving part. I learned a lot about myself and a little about scuba diving. I also learned that I am not sure it is for me. Some look death in face and see it as a challenge, so push beyond the human experience. I looked at it and decided to walk away, to step back and assess if I truly wanted that experience badly enough to put it all on the line.


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