Intro/Verse e |———————————————|————————————————|———————————————| b |———————————————|————————————————|———————————————| g |—————————3h5————|—————————5——————|—————————5——————| d |———3—3h5——————5~ —|———3—3h5——————5~ —|———3—3h5——————5~ —| a |—5——————————————|—5—————————————|—5——————————————| E |———————————————|———————————————|————————————————| e |——————————————————————|——————————————————————| b |——————————————————————|——————————————————————|
Jinn by Soen this is that... solo / middle east / sitar sounding riff.  it plays after the second verse
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Like many men and women, when I thought about my future, it in large part included children. I have long
Being in a long term relationship makes you realize a lot of things, in every aspect of your life and
Yeah, I just said that: I am a man, and I don't wear pink!! We all know about the "pink
Growing up, I lived in a town with next to zero racial diversity. The population was comprised of nearly 100%
Alright, nobody wants to read a bunch of crap about this season or how to choose a thoughtful gift for
Abstract This paper examines how patriarchal social systems impact rape and rape culture from a feminist perspective.  It explores how
Here's just a quick advice based on my experience traveling to a different country where my bank account is. You