Introduction Abortion has been a highly controversial topic in American politics throughout U.S. history. Regulation and restriction of abortion in
  A majority of the evidence on the impacts of conversion therapy on LGB youth are anecdotal recounts from individuals
It deeply saddens me to see such tremendous steps backwards in not only women’s rights in the U.S., but the
Think back to all the times you and your partner finally get time to go on a date... when suddenly
Every week (most) people buy groceries. We all like to have fresh produce for our recipes and snacks; the fresher
Efren's Version: Swimming with Sharks in the wild... come on!! What else do I need to say, right?! Since booking
The Beet Box Cafe ended up being my favorite place to eat on Oahu during our vacation. We actually ended
Diamond Head State Monument was on various "must-do" lists that we read before traveling to Oahu. We read up on
From Her Prospective: Being someone who  seeks adventure and new opportunities often, I am pretty open to trying just about
Chicago...the windy city. Trust me when I say it truly makes honor to that name, Jezz!! Even though we were