The Coolest Couple is an idea. To us, being “cool” has nothing to do with society’s distorted definition. It is about the journey of self discovery, living life on your own terms, and sharing that journey with the person you love. Inspiring one another through experience, love, respect, awareness and understanding. Being the “Coolest Couple” is about the little things: learning together, having fun together, and helping each other grow in life.

Here’s to the crazy ones, the influencers, the risk takers, those who aren’t afraid to fail, the difference makers, the ones that inspire us, the ones that push us to achieve our goals, and the ones we love.

This concept is about the tremendous and exhilarating journey of life. It is about seeing how many trails we can hike, how many waters can we swim, kayak or dive, how many miles we can bike, mountains we can climb, planes we can catch, and how many passport stamps we collect.

There’s no way to know what is waiting. There’s no way of knowing the dream we’re creating. The only thing we can do is allow ourselves to be brave enough and open enough to fully enjoy the ride.

“Happiness is only real when shared” – Alexander Supertramp.

About Us

We met online on the dating app Bumble in August 2017. After talking for a a couple of weeks we decided to meet. Living 100 miles apart made this tricky, but not insurmountable. Our first date went off with out a hitch and we agreed to meet up again. The next time was in MN, unlike the first which was in WI. We began to see how much we had in common and enjoyed each others company. But this relationship is far from average, we face three BIG challenges: living in different states, full-time jobs plus college,  and being citizens of two different countries. These challenges required us both to evaluate the relationship priorities, as well as individual priorities quickly.

Balance has become part of our every day lives.  Communication via text and face-time daily, synced Google calendars, and Wunderlists, now fill our lives and help to maintain a relationship flow. We are quickly approaching one year together. Despite the big challenges, we have seen plays, musicals, concerts and even an opera. We have traveled to many cities, Hawaii, and are planning an international trip. Together we learned to snowboard and next winter plan to snowshoe for the first time. The last year has been an adventure! We can’t wait to see what comes next!