Why I don’t wear anything pink

Why I don’t wear anything pink

January 6, 2019 0 By Efren

Yeah, I just said that: I am a man, and I don’t wear pink!!

We all know about the “pink tax”, it is more about products specifically for women, not only in design, but functionality.

But this post is more about the exact same product, with just a little, tiny, minuscule difference- the color.

Me and my girlfriend are very active and we enjoy a very large amount of activities, mostly outdoors; Over the course of the last year that we had been together, I’ve noticed something. For some reason any product with the color pink is more expensive.

Gym equipment: boxing gloves, boxing wraps, jumping rope, towels, water bottles… all of these items at any regular store, even when they’re right next to the other, is around 2 or 3 dollar (or more) more expensive just by the fact of being pink and having a picture of a woman in the packaging. The exact same brand, same model, same specifications, same fabric… just pink.

We decided to pay attention and in almost every activity we needed to replace or get new gear is the same: backpacking, snowboarding, ice skating, SCUBA diving, snow shoeing, hiking, running, biking, rollerblading and even life jackets !!!

I have never payed attention to this before and I just though it was for a different reason: hypoallergenic, ergonomics… I don’t know. I honestly believed that some women products were in some way different.

But turns out it’s just the color, and that’s why I don’t wear anything pink… because it’s more freaking expensive.

Apparently being a woman is a luxury… even when the pay isn’t equal.