Women just need to look pretty

January 7, 2019 0 By Efren

Being in a long term relationship makes you realize a lot of things, in every aspect of your life and one of those things is how companies assign gender roles to their products. For a long time I thought that products targeted for men and women were truly different (take a look at my previous post “Why I don’t wear anything pink)” , but I realized that is just newspeak.

Because me and my future wife are very active in a lot of sports/activities, it gave me the change to explore the “ladies” departments for athletic/active gear from time to time. One thing I noticed when I was recently looking for new gear and garments for winter activities is: how easy you can find functional things for men. Let me explain:

If you’re looking for mittens, there are several options: work gear, insulated, leather, synthetic, etc;  Whereas for women, you have a very wide variety of…. colors. A little flower there, or French style, some fur at the wrist, I mean… they look really cute, sure, but… that’s not enough to be outside when the temperature is on the negative side of the thermometer.

I wanted to replace Angel’s old mittens for a pair of waterproof, windproof, rugged, and insulated mittens for outdoor activities and it seemed to be impossible. The same happened with winter hiking boots; All the colors imaginable, small hearts, little lamas here and there, all cute, but nothing you could actually go outside for a couple of hours without getting  frostbite on your feet.

And it’s the same story with almost everything, and it’s not like I’m looking for specifically feminine designs for her, I just want to stay true to her size and fit.

I mean, (she have an amazing body by the way) So she needs pants with that have a curvy fit on the hips, and jackets or shirts with enough give in the for boob area (ladies will understand).

So, the workaround we found was the obvious, just get the equivalent size on men’s or youth and viola!, problem (temporarily) solved.

It’s a bit of a struggle for us, because she wears XS clothes,so sometimes we need to try in the youth section to find something functional, not pink (she’s not a fan), without unicorns or with no magic reversible sequins on the front.

Is that too much to ask? Just functional, rugged, sturdy gear for ladies, with no puppies or sparkling designs? Apparently for some companies… women just need to look pretty.